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There are several available module designs that you can control by entering the correct suffix name to a module parameter.
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“Formar líderes estratégicos para que evalúen los retos en el área de seguridad, defensa y desarrollo nacional. Con el objetivo de proponer y promover las políticas y estrategias en esos campos".


“Generar, Diseminar y Conservar el conocimiento sobre Seguridad, Desarrollo y Defensa Nacional”.


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There is a possibility to disable access to the front of your site.

How to enable the offline page?
Step 1: Go to "System -> Global Configuration -> Site".
Step 2: Click on "Yes" for "Site Offline" option.
Step 3: Fill in a text for "Offline Message" to give your visitors some explanation about why your website is unavailable.
Step 4: Click on "Save" to save your settings.

How to customize the offline page?
You need to edit the following file: /templates/jm-template-name/offline.php